Awareness Sessions

PLEASE NOTE:- First exploratory 30-minute session complimentary. This can be followed by more detailed sessions as required at a modest fee of R150 per hour or part thereof.

With the recent world-changing events surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic, bringing about creative ways of using technology for communication purposes, these sessions will be held utilising Google Meet for any interested individuals located anywhere in South Africa.

Google Meet is very easy to download, with the free version being adequate for the intended purposes of these get-togethers, which also provides the flexibility for either one on one or small group sessions.

Topics covered will be informal, and essentially cover TOURIST GUIDING, TOUR OPERATING, BUSINESS CONSIDERATIONS, and SELF EMPLOYMENT, together with any other relevant issues you would like to chat about.

An informal Awareness Session
Merve’s informal Awareness Sessions

If you are considering venturing into the world of Tourist Guiding, then requesting my complimentary Awareness Session should assist in the decision-making process.

I have no idea what language Jackass Penguins speak, but the mere fact that a strange braying like noise emits from their beaks as some form of communication totally obscures the real illusion that it’s the human species who, more often than not, can claim sole right to this particular title.

Quite correctly, this term no longer refers to our indigenous Spheniscus Demersus, and has been replaced by the more respectful description, African Penguin. This now leaves humans in sole possession of the description “Jackass”, which is actively demonstrated at every conceivable opportunity.

What on earth has all this got to do with Awareness Sessions you may ask. To which I reply, quite a lot actually. Countless visits to Boulders penguin colony at Simons Town alone has regularly challenged the concept that “humans are the superior species”.

Whilst my observations at this one venue alone are only the tip of the iceberg and an isolated example as to the broader vagaries of the human condition, it is Tourist Guiding that has provided the platform for countless varied experiences of life that are unique to this occupation.

Observations on human behaviour are just one of the aspects that Tourist Guides encounter on a daily basis, with diplomatic intervention being only one of the many competency skills required.

Awareness Sessions can avoid bananas

It’s the unexpected situations and issues that arise, quite often without warning, that can test the true mettle of the Tourist Guide, with more Banana skins than Bananas !

Comparing notes, swapping stories and experiences, is not only a compelling reason for listening to others but also drives home the easily overlooked fact that a Tourist Guide’s “lot” is so often not an occupation for the faint-hearted, or more importantly, for those individuals who don’t possess certain necessary personal qualities.

All of the above is just one very small cog in an even bigger wheel, and are part of what the local Awareness Sessions are all about. Although regular Posts, hopefully from a wider spectrum than just my own, will provide a wider spectrum of personal experiences, there is no substitute for “old school” (?) face to face interaction. It has certainly played a major role in my own development, which in keeping with a desire to share, has also benefited others who have embarked on a similar path.

If you live anywhere in South Africa and are interested in an initial complimentary chat, then complete the details on the Awareness Sessions Form, and I will be in touch.