Why This Blog Forums Tourist Guiding BEST & WORST GUIDING EXPERIENCES

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      This is a “Test” to see if my set up of Tourist Guiding Forum is working OK. With my baby step learning curve, this may well be the only comment that ever appears here, but hopefully, it will lead to greater things.

      There is isn’t a Tourist Guide on the planet who hasn’t either had a “best” or “worst” Guiding experience and probably both. Please feel free to share yours, under either heading, to kick start this, and other particular Forums.

      Whilst this is not intended to be a competition, I know I am on safe ground in saying that there are so many variations of “Best” and “Worst” that this Forum could be kept going ad infinitum.

      The gauntlet is therefore well and truly down. We wait with bated breath to be entertained and horrified in equal measure.

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