regular contact can lead to personal endorsements being best form of advertising
It takes hard work to build trust and friendship

It’s not rocket science to understand that personal endorsements can be amongst the best form of advertising. That statement is very easy to make, achieving it however requires hard work through developing relationships by demonstrating such qualities as credibility, honesty, trustworthiness, amongst many others.

Networking as a one off doesn't promote personal endorsements

In my humble opinion, the overworked concept of “Networking” is totally overrated and misused. Swapping a few business cards when mildly, or perhaps raucously under the influence of that great party animal Bacchus really doesn’t cut it at all, and can so often be at direct odds with the principle of personal endorsements being amongst the best form of advertising.


I have known Mervyn for many years and was inspired to start a Tour Guiding business having noted his success in this field.

Following my qualification as a Tourist Guide, the need for a mentor to assist me in getting the business up and running became very clear. Here Mervyn’s years of experience and advice have been extremely helpful and I would certainly recommend him to anyone seeking the benefit of his experience and professionalism.

Richard Portmann            Director            Elgin Leisure Tours


I met Mervyn via his online presence back in 2005 before entering the world of tourism. His knowledge of the industry, kindness and mentoring is a distinguishing feature of a good man. I also worked with him on many well-prepared Tours over the years!

Mervyn is a good teacher and anyone will do well to note his industry insights and all the practical knowledge gained over many years in the Tourism Industry. 

Tertius Bester           Business Owner             New Fusion Travel   


I met Mervyn in 1970 when he immigrated to South Africa. He has a great sense of humour and personality, sound business principles, and integrity.   When I decided to start a similar business 10 years ago,  I went straight to Mervyn and asked for his advice, which he gave willingly.  

With all his years of experience,  he is a mine of information and guided me in the right direction which contributed to my success. Definitely a person that I would have in my team!

John Dougall                Owner             Ducks Back Touring   


I’ve had great and enjoyable opportunities to work with Mervyn since 2003. 

He has on a number of occasions made it possible for me to bring artists and fellow creatives to South Africa, combing my own Sketchbook Diary theme with Mervyn’s uniquely designed touring schedules.

More recently, I have brought groups of health-related professionals from the UK, in an attept to introduce the Footnotes alternative teaching method into South Africa. Footnotes is based on the principle of pictorial thinking and recall. Mervyn has been instrumental in making relevant connections within local community Organisations, and Educational channels, to assist in this objective.

We’ve discovered a great friendship along the way, which has repeatedly provided opportunities to spur each other on in our endeavours to make a difference within the various communities that have been visited around South Africa.  

Mervyn has the willingness and ability to think outside of the box whilst seeing the safe and sensible way to proceed. What more could you want from a Tourist Guide, friend, and mentor! 

Oliver West                Owner           Oliver West Fine Arts UK